Dear Colleagues:

With a significant presence in the Galápagos Islands, Galacruises Expeditions is a DMC and tour operator with more than 26 years of experience running and marketing the Galápagos Islands. Its team of experts is dedicated to offering top-notch services and eco-friendly tourism methods that respect local communities and the environment. Galacruises Expeditions provides a variety of tours, cruises, and other excursions that let visitors get up close and personal with the distinctive wildlife and scenery of the Galápagos Islands.

The Galacruises fleet in the Galápagos Islands provides a wide range of luxurious, comfortable, and standard boats in addition to diving and naturalistic cruises. Our ships are charming with warm, daring, traditional, romantic, cozy, and arbitrary designs. We provide attentive service, spacious areas, cozy cabins, delicious local and international cuisine, as well as excursions by land and sea to the remote locations of the archipelago.

Additionally, we run ground and package services throughout Ecuador, including in the Andes, Amazon, Pacific Coast, and Galápagos Islands. Our experiences enable us to create elaborately themed tours, such as an overflight in your own private helicopter Sky Andean cruise, the route of flowers, the route of the century-old haciendas, the route of the volcanoes, the gastronomic routes, the life experience indigenous community’s tours, and a trip to the orchid paradise in our 200-hectare “Bomboli” Forest, situated on an Andean mountainside just 30 minutes south-west of Quito.

While aiming for our guest’s complete satisfaction and respecting the care of the environment and the local communities, we also include pleasure, comfort, adventure, knowledge, and relaxation in our itineraries.

“We are here to help you plan the most wonderful Ecuador and Galápagos Islands vacation”.


GALACRUISES EXPEDITIONS is a strong and active Tour Operator & DMC with a long history of ideas and knowledge about receptive tourism. Over the course of its extensive 26-year experience in the operation and organization of trips, it has developed a wealth of touristic opportunities in order to satisfy the demands of the most adventurous and demanding travelers. In addition to making sure that our products are run and set up in a way that respects the local environment, culture, and public sphere of the area in which we operate, our goal is to completely satisfy every single one of our customers.


For demanding customers who demand quality, innovation, and safety, our vision is to be known as a leading company in developing and executing solutions and strategies for special and unique packages. Our creativity and exceptional human talent enable us to work professionally and flexibly from the time a passenger enters the country until the trip is complete with us.