The Galapagos Islands – Ecuador

Offers you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy being at the Galapagos Islands while resting in charming hotels located on one of the four inhabited islands.

More Info about this package

    This amazing package offers you the chance to discover the unique biodiversity of Galapagos making your stay as magical as possible exploring the Islands by yourself or just staying in one of the selected hotels with a good location, so you can have a relaxing time surrounded by nature.

    For this package you can choose one of this hotels or camps for your staying and relaxation (subject to availability on rooms).


    ✓ Mi Playa – Villa Isabela (by Galacruises)
    ✓ Casita de la Playa
    ✓ Albemarle
    ✓ Casa Marita Hotel
    ✓ Isamar Luxury Hotel
    ✓ Scalesia Galapagos Lodge
    ✓ Iguana Crossing
    ✓ Cormorant Beach House
    ✓ La Laguna Hotel
    ✓ The Isabela Beach House
    ✓ Volcano Hotel
    ✓ Isabela Inn
    ✓ Cally Hotel
    ✓ Chez Manany Eco Lodge
    ✓ The Wooden House Lodge


    ✓ Blue Heron (by Galacruises)
    ✓ Angermeyer Wather front Inn
    ✓ Cucuve suites
    ✓ Isla Sol (by Solymar)
    ✓ Solymar
    ✓ Royal Palm Hotel (by Hilton)
    ✓ Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel
    ✓ Ikala Galapagos Hotel
    ✓ Safari Camp
    ✓ Pikaia Lodge Hotel
    ✓ Mi Caleta Inn
    ✓ Casa Natura Galapagos Hotel
    ✓ Deja Vu Hotel
    ✓ La Isla Galápagos Hotel
    ✓ Acacia Hotel


    ✓ Casa Opuntia
    ✓ Sea Side Hotel
    ✓ Blue Marlin Hotel
    ✓ Miconia Hotel
    ✓ Pimampiro
    ✓ La Casa de Laura
    ✓ Arena Blanca Hotel
    ✓ Sunset Hotel
    ✓ Casa Playa Mann
    ✓ Zapaya
    ✓ Golden Bay


    ✓ Lava Lodge
    ✓ Wittmer Lodge


    ✓ Please, keep in mind that for this package we are not guarantee the availability on the excursions in Galápagos, it must be done with prior notice for your own schedule. However, if you want us to coordinate any activities or make an exciting itinerary feel free to contact us.
    ✓ Departures every day of the week
    ✓ Minimum 2 passengers


    ✓ Flights to/from Galapagos Islands
    ✓ All transfers (airport and inter islands)
    ✓ Accommodation in double cabin/double tent with breakfast in the hotels selected
    ✓ Private land transportation
    ✓ Equipment for the sports as detailed in the itinerary


    ✓ Entrance fee Galapagos National Park (USD 100 or USD 50 if your country belongs to the Andean Community or Mercosur)
    ✓ Transit Control Card (USD 20)
    ✓ Fee pier Isabela Island (USD 10)
    ✓ Water taxi (USD 1 per way)
    ✓ Personal expenses and tips
    ✓ All drinks. Please bring your own water bottle
    ✓ Meals not mentioned on the itinerary
    ✓ VAT for Ecuadorian people
    ✓ Any other activity hereby not mentioned
    ✓ Travel and medical Insurance

    Every passenger MUST bring their own medical insurance, otherwise they will not be able to enter the Galapagos Islands.


    ✓ Procure Medical and/or Travel insurance prior to your trip .
    ✓ Luggage: We suggest you take a 10kg suitcase and a carry on. This is what is allowed by the local airlines. Please bear in mind that trips in Galapagos take place outdoors and include hikes, swimming, scuba diving, and other physical activities that require comfortable, lightweight, informal clothing.
    ✓ Clothing: For the hot months (December — May) we recommend a bathing suit, T-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, cap or hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, sport shoes that are good for walking in lava and rocks, and sandals. For the cooler months (June — November), a waterproof jacket or poncho and light pants are necessary. Other important items are lip balm, eye drops, waterproof bags for electronic equipment, binoculars, patches or pills for sea sickness, a photo or video camera and enough film, batteries, chargers and any personal medications that you normally take.


    ✓ The activities in these programs can be adapted to the passengers´ preferences.
    ✓ In our programs, we operate in the best places and we strive to achieve the best customer satisfaction!.
    ✓ The programs start every day of the year.
    ✓ We offer the packages in tourist, tourist superior and first-class hotels. This depends on the chosen island and on the availability of rooms in the hotels.
    ✓ For big groups (more than 8 passengers) we recommend a permanent bilingual guide instead of different local guide on every island.
    ✓ Depending on your needs and expectations we can also offer a private speed boats for long trips. (An extra cost applies).
    ✓ We strive to ensure our tour is unique so that you can visit special and interesting places that are usually not offered by other local operators.
    ✓ If you would like to dive, we will be pleased to offer you daily diving tours starting from Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal Islands (minimum of 4 divers per each excursion).