South America

Discover the beauty of its landscapes and tourist sites of Brazil. Spectacular scenarios between paradisiac beaches, colonial cities, cosmopolitan big cities and the exuberant Amazon jungle.

Brazil offers for both domestic and international tourists, an ample gamut of options, with natural areas being its most popular tourism product, a combination of ecotourism with leisure and recreation, mainly sun and beach, and adventure travel, as well as historic and cultural tourism.

Among the most popular destinations are the Amazon Rainforest, beaches and dunes in the Northeast Region, the Pantanal in the Center-West Region, beaches at Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, cultural and historic tourism in Minas Gerais and business trips to São Paulo city.


Known as the “Wonderful City”, Rio de Janeiro offers attractions that have rendered the city international fame. There is always something to do in the city, from exhibitions, theater plays, dance and music, cultural centers, numberless museums, churches, famous confectioners’, old streetcars and beaches. The capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro is also one of the greatest business centers in the country, being constantly chosen to host important national and international conferences, congresses and meetings.

The Iguazú falls are considered one of the world´s more spectacular natural beauties. That’s why it is chosen every year by travelers from all around the world, that visit this waterfall, surrounded by a subtropical forest, to enjoy the roaring sound of the falling water and the breath taking view of the Iguazú Falls.

It is the world’s third largest city and the largest in South America. Its attraction lies in its people and its vibrant cultures. It is the economical capital of Brazil and a very busy place. It is also rich in culture parks and museums. The main sights in the city include the different neighborhoods with their special Italian, Japanese or Arabic influences. They have their own character atmosphere and it is a lot of fun to just walk around, go to one of the many small restaurants or have a drink somewhere. Sao Paulo is also very much a party town. You can get stuck in traffic in the middle of the night when party animals return from their hunt.

This city has managed to preserve some magnificent examples of Renaissance architecture. Multicolored homes, red-tiled roofs, a wonderful market, twisting and narrow cobblestone streets, great beaches and around 300 churches makes this an excellent place to visit. Pelourinho, an old neighborhood of Salvador, contains the most extensive example of baroque architecture in the Americas. Six hundred buildings in the area were immaculately restored and included by UNESCO in its list of world heritage sites.