South America

Chile is a very long and narrow territory, located on the western side of South America. It has an area of 756.096 km². Most of the population is Spaniard descendants together with German, French and Italian influence.

Santiago is also the heart of the economics and political activities of the country. The impressive and strong economical growing makes Chile one of the most attractive countries for new investments. Together with the low rates of inflation, Chile exports many products to the five continents, such us copper, fruits, wines, cellulose, minerals, etc.

It has diverse adventures to offer: space observation in the most arid desert in the world, millenary glaciers in the most southern parts of the planet, magical forests and lakes  located at the foot of imposing volcanoes.


The capital of Chile emerges as one of the most recommended cities for tourism and for conventions and business trips in South America. It has modern facilities, state of the art technologies, high quality accommodation, hotels and convention centers. An advanced development in telecommunications permits tourists and delegates to be connected with their work and homes. Its tradition and history are tangible in its civic quarter (center), witness of the republican life of the country. The history, art and civic tradition are spread throughout its museums, art galleries, and artisan’s centers.

It is known as the “Archeological Capital of Chile”, the commune of San Pedro de Atacama invites tourists to know its archeology, desert, natural sanctuaries, pre-Colombian village architecture and to enjoy its incomparable and impressive natural attractions. This small and picturesque village provides infrastructure and services for tourists and carries out interesting excursions through revealing routes that take them to know the Atacamanean culture and the spectacular landscape of the North of this country.

This area is special for open air activities, such as climbing of the Osorno Volcano, trekking to Puntiagudo and Tronador Volcanoes, camping and photographic safaris in the Valley of Cochamó.
Its bank, paved or very well graveled, allows you to do interesting car circuits and travel through it and thus appreciate the scenic beauty of the place, where rivers, national parks and beautiful resorts are gathered, among others are Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay, Frutillar and Llanquihue (by its west riverbank) and Ensenada, Puerto Klocker and Cascada. In some of them, during summer, there are traditional folklore meetings, the theater seasons, the musical weeks and the Bierfest or Beer Feast.

Patagonia has impressive landscapes that offer lots of possibilities to do tours and excursions. It is the perfect place to travel in motored vehicles, mountain bike, cycle tourism, trekking and strolls. The zone is also paradise for fly fishing or the lonely trout fishing (farios and rainbow trouts) along with fishing of the coho salmon, surrounded by rivers and millenary forests. Here you have many options to do rafting, trekking, aquatic activities, rural tourism among others.

It is also known as the “Garden City”, with its city attractions, casino and beautiful beaches. It consists of two areas: one of winding streets and houses clinging precariously to the hills, while the other, lying between the hills and the sea, is built along the strict formality of the colonial era grid plan. You can find important places such us Cerro Castillo, Quinta Vergara, Reñaca and Concon.