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Colombia is a tropical country of incredible diversity and enchantment. The diverse geography, a history full of mysteries and adventures, as well as the people and cultures have fascinated the world for centuries. It is famous for the excellent coffee and the purity of its emeralds. Its capital is Bogota and the most important sites are Santa Marta, Cartagena, San Andres, Cali, Medellin, Santander and “La Zona Cafetera”.

A feast of sensations and flavors, enriched by its beautiful beaches, its flora and fauna, its diversity of climates and paradisiacal landscapes and its beautiful people full of traditions waiting for you! Discover it!


This is Colombia’s oldest colonial city, with numerous historic sites, monuments, and buildings that are part of the country’s colonial architecture and culture and led it to be called a “Tourist, Cultural and Historic District”. Here you can visit Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with the tallest snow peaks in the country; Ciénaga Grande, an extensive marsh; and Taganga, a fishing village with exquisite gastronomy and offers many activities such as diving, mountain biking, horseback riding, bird watching and canopying are among others.

The Caribbean city of Cartagena de Indias was an important Hispanic enclave in Caribbean colonial times. As a slave port and a stronghold in the trade between the Iberian Peninsula and the American Continent, it contains exceptional examples of Caribbean military engineering and colonial architecture. Here you can visit El Camellón de los mártires, El Castillo de San Felipe, Getsemaní, El Portal de los Escribanos, La Casa del Marqués de Valdehoyos among others.

San Andres Island is located 700 kilometers from the continental coast of Colombia. There are islands of corsairs and buccaneers, with excellent services and attractions that may be enjoyed to the rhythm of reggae. It offers nautical sports in a turquoise-colored sea, an animated night life, the advantages of shopping in a free port, and the placidness of strolling on its beaches. This marvelous Caribbean island constitutes a permanent invitation to enjoy its interesting architecture, exquisite gastronomy, autochthonous musical rhythms, and the incredible hospitality of its inhabitants.

Cali is a city embedded between the slopes of the Western Range of the Andes and the valley of the Cauca River. It is full of festive people who carry salsa in their genes and open their doors to the world to extend an invitation to enjoy its culture. The gastronomy of the Colombian Pacific delights locals and foreigners with a wide variety of desserts and typical beverages that originate in sugar cultivation, and dishes based on fish and shellfish. Cali also offers large parks and green areas for extreme sports, churches and museums for cultural tours, and colonial haciendas for lodging in a placid, traditional atmosphere that would complement a stay in the city proper.

Medellin lies 400 kilometers to the northwest of Bogota and is the second most important city in the country. It is one of the greatest industrial centers, not only in Colombia, but also in the wider region. Located 1,550 meters above sea level, Medellin’s climate has given it the name ‘city of eternal spring’. Medellin is best known for the Flower Fair, and the magnificent Christmas lights that decorate the main avenues, parks and plazas in December. Take a trip to Pueblito Paisa, a replica of the main plaza of a typical village in the department. Here you can find restaurants and handicraft shops, but is best known for the spectacular panoramic view from the top of the Nutibara Hill, the highest point in the city. Once you visit Medellin, you will see that its friendly reputation is not an exaggeration. This truly is a modern, cosmopolitan city, with friendly people. It is filled with birds, orchids and flowers, and has perfect spring time weather all year round.

Lavish landscapes, extreme sports, and beautiful architecture are some of the attractions of the department of Santander. Imposing natural landscapes have turned it into a destination preferred by lovers of adventure like rafting and paragliding and ecological tourism. Here, you can visit small towns like Socorro, Girón, San Gil, and Barichara.