February 20, 2024

Dear travel agents, international tour operators, and travelers, In times when media coverage often amplifies the negative, it is crucial to share our truth.

The recent wave of cancellations has deeply impacted our tourism industry, at exactly the moment when we need its positive impact on our economy and our society.

The state of emergency, supported unanimously by Ecuadorians, has been a testament to our collective determination to restore peace to our country. A tangible outcome of this effort was witnessed during the recent Carnival holiday, which reduced over 50% in security incidents compared to the previous year. We have not experienced any security incidents affecting tourists, and we have successfully kept 100% of all routes and flights at our airports operational. The arrivals to the Galapagos in January 2024 experienced a minimal decrease of just 3% compared to the previous year. All these measures are indicative of our steadfast resolve to bring peace back to the nation, affirming that life in Ecuador is already unfolding normally.

From the fresh and sincere perspective of Bell & Bly Travel in their podcast “In The Now”, https://bellandblytravel.com/luxury-travel-insider/podcast/in-the-now-ecuador/, to the experiences shared by Mary and Greg Stable in the DW News article,
https://www.instagram.com/p/C3i99Ofrbt9/, the reality resonates: Ecuador is a safe and welcoming country. The testimonials of those who visit us confirm it: all visitors experience the warmth and exceptional hospitality that defines our country.

Given the present calm state, we invite International Tour Operators and Travel Agents to communicate directly with their partners in Ecuador, who will transparently share the current situation. Likewise, we appeal to our allied countries and international partners: “It is crucial to reevaluate the travel advisories to our country.” Ecuador is active and vibrant, and daily life continues.

We invite you to see for yourselves, share in our traditions, explore our landscapes, and enjoy the hospitality that defines us.

For more details and updates, follow our official channels on Twitter @TurismoEc and on Facebook at /MinisterioTurismoEcuador.

With gratitude and hope,

Niels Olsen Peet
Minister of Tourism of Ecuador